Monday, July 30, 2007

The Bonneville Salt Flats not too far West of Salt Lake City. I was tempted to go out on the salt for a picture, but the water plane is pretty high, didn't want to get the bike all salty. It's just a few miles from here to Wendover, where the Speed Trial are held. I left Vernal, UT at 5 AM this morning, Sunday, went over several passes where the temps were down into the 40's. It's very hot now, and getting hotter!
Winnemucca. This is at the Flying J. It read 108 when I pulled in for gas, gained 10 degrees just sitting there in the shade. I only took these 2 pictures all day..Too cold on the morning, too hot in the afternoon....Sunday comes to an end soon, only 220 miles to go to the nearest Motel after I leave here.
It's too early in the morning to be Plum Tuckered Out! Probably some fine Antiques in there! This is sort of out in the middle of Nowhere.
The Star Theater in Bly, OR. Now a feed store. Hard to say what will happen to this building, hope somebody uses it for something.
This place is still open. Probably some real treasure in there. That old Ford looks pretty good.
Morning is crisp, you can smell the Sage.
A field of young Klamath Potatoes. There are others much more developed.
Passed several of these Hay storage units. This seems to be a very good year for Hay all over the West.
Cattle along Highway 140
Table Rock near Central Point, OR. Site of one of the last battles with the Rogue Indians.
That's Beacon Hill in the background. My playground as a young boy. Of course, there wasn't an Interstate Highway here then!
This is on the East side of Grants Pass, Oregon. 70 years ago, this was a plant nursery. There were lots of shrubs, trees, and even some fruit and vegetable in it. And, there was a small gardener's shack, made out of slab board in the middle of the nursery. About 70 years ago, I was born in that little shack on a cold December day. I haven't been by here for a long time, decided to stop and take a look today. It's surrounded by beautiful homes now. My Grandfather and Great Uncle each homesteaded 160 acre plots along Beacon Drive, where this is.
I didn't stop at Sunny Valley today. One of my favorite stores, but I want to get home, and feel fine to keep traveling.
An old farm..probably a homestead years ago.
I-5. Heading up Mount Sexton.
A Vineyard along Hwy 42.
Loading rail cars at the Roseburg Forest Products mill. One of the large mills still left in the PNW.
This is the corner where, on 6/25/06 I developed a case of "Rapid Deceleration Syndrome"
Thankfully, I found a cure....and am totally recovered.
Loading small logs. Most of these will go to the chipper.
The Coos River. This used to be full of log boom back in the days of all the big mills in the area.
Entering Coos Bay from the south on Hwy 101
A local business..Upscale outdoor clothing.
The Boardwalk along the Coos River.
Highway 101 going North in Coos Bay.
A small boat at the dock in Coos Bay. Taken from the bike.
Chip trucks along the waterfront. They haul them in here, then the chips are blown into the holds on large freighters to go over seas. Then they ship the finished products back here to us..
Ah...Fenwick Avenue and our modest little home. Made it again!
Looks like Pat kept the lawn mowed while I was gone. Now, time to unpack and get ready for the next adventure! It was a good ride and a good rally...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm back in Vernal, UT in a Super 8 Motel. I decided to leave this afternoon while it was reasonably warm..the mornings at 8400 feet are wet and cold. The rally was sort of winding down, so it was time for me to head home. I'm having my usual "after rally" reflections. I won't post them in the blog, but will post to the forum pretty soon. I escaped the rain today, did have a few large drops, but now wet pavement. It was 68 degrees up here when I took this picture.
Willy Wonka and Carlene.
Part of our group...Saturday morning. there wasn't any announcement about a group picture, so most of the people were still at breakfast or riding somewhere. this is what we had at the motel when we lined up for the Gold Wing shots, so we took the group picture anyway.
Six Pack Jack's fender. He'll probaby have an Alaska sticker on here soon.
Gas stop on the way out of town. Willy Wonka is talking with his hands again
Bucky and Brillo.
I know I posted this sign when I saw it on the way to the Rally, but had to get our number 1 Libertarian in front of it. This was my "Escort" out of town
Friday dinner. The main ride group hadn't returned in time to eat, but we still had a good turn out.
11 Gold Wings, 1 Silver Wing. The Tupperware Brigade during WWR07. What fun!
Does Bucky look happy?
The 3 VROC Gold Wing license plates! There may be more soon
Brillo and Deb.
Tom Miller helping Wild Rose back into the "photo line". After all the miles she and Ron have put on this trip, she's handling the big bike like a pro!
Since I was using 2 camers I got the pictures mixed up. Here it is again. You'll probably have to click on the picture to see the plates, which is the reason we lined up like this.
Skid and Sandy
Skid is becoming an expert (ex = has been, spert= big drip under pressure:-) so he's sharing some of his expertise with Six Pack jack. I hope Miller has a map, they may not find Alaska!
Scotty, Marlene, and Bucky. Scotty was showing off his newly dyed and conditioned chaps...
This is Brenda, the owner of the Blue Bird. A very pleasand lady, she sure worked hard all weekend to keep us all happy!
Deb said this should be Brillos's place.....a grumpy Bud drinker!
Willy Wonka is telling us that since he's been riding a Wing, he's taken up flying. He did have a little trouble getting off the ground. Notice Carlene behind him. She's thinking "This is my husband?"
Took this yesterday, Chuck Bert is leaving for Alaska now. He's all ready to travel Sure looks different than his Texas Hat!
Marlene, Bucky, Sandy, Corvette, and the "Mysterious Tummy"